Making a album

2013-01-02 11:42:53 by Salazoi

I'm Starting Making an album called The Bloodline I'ts heavy metal album but not sure what type of metal might be a mix of stuff, anyway after finishing the song i will upload it here in newgrounds album includes around 7-8 songs. I don't have a deadline so it might take a while especially when school is about to start but stay tuned ;9

Starting a new madness ``series?``

2012-04-11 17:02:08 by Salazoi

as you can see there is still a lot to do but handwriting is done and i`m excited about this.

thought i`m a complete noob with this so don`t expect anything fancy (a.k.a it`s my first animation ever)

animation is actually tribute to The Swain`s and Krinkle`s game: Madness project Nexus. where subject ``No Man`` has been 12 years as an test subject. one day he decide`s to run away from the facility but there will be obstacle`s...

well i see can i finish it up let`s hope that i don`t get too much school project`s

Starting a new madness ``series?``

whats wrong with me?

2011-10-25 15:40:11 by Salazoi

i have played warcraft3 for a while and i mean three months. how that old game can be so addictive? i must be loosing my mind.

whats wrong with me?

Great my first crash

2011-09-17 06:28:20 by Salazoi

My computer crashed when i was opening my flash movie file and i lost about 75% if my work. So im askin tips and tricks to prevent crashes. Thank for the help.

help me please

2011-08-30 15:48:30 by Salazoi

that more support i get and comments, i will create some day a really good madness tribute better then krinkles or xionico ever could. manuscript is done but i dont have flash software...shit X(

OMG GOD first 3D madness

2011-08-28 16:12:52 by Salazoi

thanks for watching (heheh dumbasses)